“At HDHS – in large part because of our subscription to SMSC for Schools, OFSTED noted that our provision has led to pupils having a “well-developed sense of democracy and equality.” OFSTED noted (15-16 June 2016) that “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted successfully” and this is mainly because of the combinations of assemblies and lessons driven by SMSC4SCHOOLS – Thank you, Richard- Harwich and Dovercourt High School
“Like most schools, our budget is tight, but TFTW is amazing value and I wouldn’t be without it.”
- Deputy Headteacher, Harwich and Dovercourt High School
“We use [Thought for the Week] as part of the sixth form SMSC curriculum during their tutor time. It encourages good discussion between the students and is a great tool to broaden their minds.”
- St Mary Magdalene Academy
“[Thought for the Week] is meticulously planned and is full of information covering all areas of the curriculum. It is particularly useful in making links between days of celebration (global and national) and the lives of students. It is easy to deliver due to the work that has gone into the planning.”
- Lipson Co-operative Academy
“Richard always puts together an excellent lesson that can be tailored to your school or year group. The topics are always relevant and the resources he produces are very good at evoking discussion and debate. I would most definitely recommend subscribing to SMSC4Schools.”
- Brentwood School
“The [Thought for the Week] resources have proved to be both engaging and thought provoking for our students and have been the basis for some high level debate. Students have found the activities included interesting, stimulating and enjoyable. I unreservedly recommend the [Thought for the Week] materials as an excellent addition to your teaching resources.”
- Newcastle Bridges School
“[Thought for the Week], an absolutely fabulous resource and incredible value. Without exception, inspiring, thought-provoking and completely complementary to the ethos at Harwich and Dovercourt High School.”
- Harwich and Dovercourt High School
“The [Thought for the Week] materials provided by SMSC4Schools are a visually attractive and content rich resource which allow teachers to nurture and develop communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. The presentations encourage and provide opportunities for learners to articulate ideas, understand attitudes and intentions, create valuable and innovative ideas and analyse and evaluate evidence, arguments and beliefs.”
- Head Of English, Bellerby’s College, London
“[Thought for the Week] provides our Sixth Form students with weekly, topical discussion points and is a key feature of our PSHE programme. It’s fantastic to receive updates that are related to current affairs and that inspire student discussion regarding relevant and pertinent issues. A wonderful resource.”
- Cannock Chase High School
“The [Thought for the Week] PPTs are sent to 40 tutors, to use during tutor time. Thought for the Week means we get strong, topical and consistent SMSC messages across the Academy during the week.”
- Ormiston Bushfield Academy
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