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Career Counselling

At SMSC4Schools we offer two distinct resources for career counselling.

Career Horizons

Career Horizons is both:

A national and international bespoke workshop for teachers which will develop their knowledge and practice of the core skills of career counselling whilst providing a choice of activities to use later with students.

A one to one career counselling service for students, within the Essex and Suffolk area, undertaken by SMSC4SCHOOLS founder Richard Brock, on a peripatetic basis.

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Working Lives

In Working Lives, profiles the working experiences of everyday people and examines individual career and occupation choices within a spiritual, moral, social and cultural context.

Considering how our choice of work reflects who we are, the values we exercise through this work and to what extent our labour can be thought meaningful beyond its financial rewards, these profiles offer insights into the working lives of people, which, it is hoped, might raise aspirations regarding the function of work as both a means of personal discovery and fulfilment. Profiles are added weekly to view and are also available free as a PDF document, for use in the classroom.

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