Nick Osborne

Self-Employed, Co-founder of Conscious Collaboration, Evolving Organisation and Learning Edge, Somerset.

Nick and his wife, Justine, set up Conscious Collaboration in 2013. Together they deliver workshops and consultancy to provide tools and skills for people to run organisations based on self-management beyond hierarchy.

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  • Nick has a degree in Social Philosophy and a Masters degree in Management development and Social Responsibility. Before working for himself in his specialism he worked for other training providers.
    His interests include kitesurfing, reading, meditation and evolution.

Who or what inspires you?

When people stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones to do something to benefit other people. Like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.

Have your values in relation to work changed at all during your life time?

Yes. I started off wanting to help others by being a doctor and so started studying to become a doctor. But then I learned on my course about social medicine- the influences in our society and support or damage health, and I became more interested in making our societies more healthy; to support our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Since then I have become interested in how we can align ourselves with the natural unfolding of things in evolution so that we can fit better into a changing environment.

As you’ve grown older how has ‘self-awareness’ contributed to your choice of work?

Through meditation and other self-awareness practices, I’ve learned how important self-awareness is in supporting our own health and the health of society. So I have started to find ways to work with tools that support people in developing their own self-awareness, and bringing this into the various types of work that I do.

Thinking of a situation in which you feel good about yourself (in general). Are you able to exercise these feelings through your work?

Yes, surfing. When my work is going the best, it feels like surfing. It feels like being swept along by the natural, universal energy of the swell of a wave; that feeling of being in silent, sublime flow, on the cusp of crashing into the chaos of a broken wave.

On a scale of 0 to 10 how fulfilling is your working life? (10 being the most fulfilling)


Why isn’t it zero?

Because I have chosen work to do that I love, even though it means that I don’t earn very much money. Most days I get up and am happy and excited about the work that I have to do.

Do you set yourself goals to help you achieve a more fulfilling work life?

Yes, I have done a lot of it in the past and am still doing it.

To what extent does your work provide you with opportunities to develop your understanding of other cultures?

Quite a bit. Sometimes I have to go and work in different countries to train people in different ways of doing things. I have delivered my work in Brazil, USA, Europe and enjoy seeing how people from different cultures learn and do things differently.

What are the stresses of your job and how do you cope with them?

Having too much to do. I am ambitious and continually wanting to do more things than I have the time to do. So I have a very organised personal task management system called ‘Getting Things Done’ which helps me easily see all the things I have/want to do and then prioritise what’s most important.

Not earning very much money yet, although I may do in future. To cope with this I live a very low-budget lifestyle.

What three things do you feel most passionate about (generally)?

My wife and children

Social change and doing things differently to align with evolution


Finally, what advice would you give to anyone starting out in work or considering a new career?

Don’t give up doing what you want to do. If you know what you want to do, set some goals and identify some next steps on how to achieve them and then don’t give up if things don’t work out. I’ve heard it said that the most common feature of entrepreneurs is perseverance. That’s maybe because most people who are entrepreneurs have not given up and kept going to make it, while those who have given up never make it to be entrepreneurs.

Make up your own question to answer

Question – Why do I sometimes find it hard to love?

Answer – Because sometimes I get too wrapped up in myself and am not able to stretch out beyond myself to care for someone else.

To download Nick’s “Working Lives” profile as a hand out for use in the classroom click the link below.

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